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Branding and website design for an interactive agency and game company.

This is my personal project for company I work in. It’s a landing page with only basic information and links to specific subbrands.

One to rule them all

The main idea behind this project was to introduce user to the company, make him quickly understand what company does and allow him to skip to the subbrand he is interested in. Almost no information was to be presented, only short teases or „direction signs”. For the introductory screen I’ve chosen powerful and dynamic orange with the company logo in the middle. I decided it works well with short, strong statement: „We design experience”. This one statement can be applied to every branch of the company and for me could be used as its ultimate, condensed description. Keeping it short and simple also evokes the feelings of security and professionalism. Less is more, right? ;)

Main site navigation is quite limited, You can only go „down”. As the website structure is a little different than standard one I’ve decided to help navigate the user as much as possible. Linked logo in top left corner and standard menu i top right one is a must. Moreover in the bottom of the screen there’s a small (and beautiful) indicator suggesting proper interactions (a delicate animation of an arrow doesn’t hurt either).

Touch me please

Although website works perfectly fine on PCs its true potential unravels on tablets. Navigation structure lets you easily swipe through all the pages without a hassle.

„That’s all cool but what about mouse user” you ask? Well, of course menu in top right corner works on every subpage and there are arrows you can press indicating you can move left or right. And if that’s not enough pressing LMB and draging website with the mouse also works!

And, as it is not obvious, everything scales properly, whether it’s huge PC screen or a smaller tablet (horizontall as well as vertical).

What you do is serious, you don't have to be

Keeping everything ultra light and clean (sterile if you will) may cause some problems. Company can look professional and serious, but also inhuman and artificial. I believe that’s not the proper image and I like to color it up a little whenever I can with something casual, mundane or specific to some group of visitors. That’s why teaser texts are first of all not to serious and second of all means more to people that knew them beforehand. All in all, what game developer didn’t save the princess?

Keep it simple

If you are like me you hate filling forms. That’s why I’ll try to do everything I can to make using a form as quick and easy as possible. I believe that if you want to contact company you will put a proper contact, the one that works for you. Whether it’s mail, telephone number or address I can take it and use it, no worries for you. Basically anything will do so just write your message and send, we will do the rest. And if you the phone talking person? You can call right away.