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Close your eyes

Amazing little game :)

Close your eyes is my second entry into Ludum Dare contest.

It's a simple puzzle/arcade game based on the childhood belief that it you don't see something it does not exist. It gives you an easy way out of any dangers you may encounter. But though closing eyes may solve many problems it may also awaken your inner demons, right? At least that was the idea that went pretty well with a contest theme: "Connected worlds". This little game got quite amazing response - it was the most commented game of this LD, it finished in top 20 in two categories — overall & innovation — and it got ton of reviews and mentions (indiemag.fr, oujevipo.fr, ingame.fr and spiegel.de to name the few)

You can test the game yourself here although due to some decisions at Google unity plugin may not work correctly on Chrome anymore.