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Ludum Dare 29 Compo


My first ever finished (let say so...) game and debut on LD.

I'm not a programmer so this was The Sunday of Terror for me. (Although there are 48 hours for completion I wasted all Saturday for a different idea...)

The game is simple but believe me, there lies a huge and dark story underneath basic gameplay. What do berries do? Why we cannot just go through the forest (and why does it grow on ice...)? Who is the old man and why he changes colour? Well, I wish I knew. Nevertheless I'm sure there's something evil going on...

And if you don't know Ludum Dare is a game contest in which you are supposed to create a game based on theme in less than 48 hours. Moreover you basically cannot use already made resources and cannot seek the help of others.

So, while watching the screens bare in mind, there was no time for doing everything right, and the fact the project was playable was no less than a miracle for me :).

Below you have few screens, and here (as well as here) you can play it yourself. But please do watch out for your ears.

You know Alan, right?
And remember, 48 hours, legibility, pixel perfection and consistency are war victims here. Cheers!